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Many cases involve complex data and you need an experienced computer & cell phone forensics company to help you extract that information. In many legal cases the key evidence is stored on someone's computer or cell phone. Our computer & cell phone forensics team uses specialized tools and techniques to find this data and organize it in a way that is easy for you to present to a judge or jury. Some of the information includes:

  • Emails, text messages and pictures. While most have an expectation of privacy when sending electronic correspondence, many attorneys will subpoena emails, text messages and pictures in the discovery process. Our team can find emails, text messages and pictures that the author thought were deleted.
  • Interoffice memos. Correspondence between managers and supervisors to their employees is often done through an electronic memorandum.
  • Financial data. The days of ledger books are gone and most companies use some sort of accounting software to manage the company finances. This data can be evidence in fraud or embezzlement cases as well as other civil litigation. Personnel files.

Evidence Can't Be Hidden Forever - Computer & Cell Phone Forensics finds Crucial Electronic Evidence Computer forensics goes beyond simply retrieving data that is there. We can find data that others thought was hidden or destroyed. Our techniques include:

  • Retrieving data that is encrypted.
  • Restoring damaged or corrupted files.
  • Finding files that were previously deleted.
  • Accessing password protected files.
  • Retrieving archives of instant messages.
  • Checking the web browsing history.

Cell phone forensics also goes beyond simply retrieving data that is there. Our Los Angeles cell phone forensics services can find data that others thought was hidden or destroyed. Our techniques include recovery of:

  • Call History
  • Text messages (SMS and iMessages)
  • Emails
  • Address Book
  • Browser History
  • Medias
  • Location History via gps
  • Deleted items
  • And much more

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We support all version of windows operating systems, Mac OS X, IOS, and Android as well as most of hard drive brands. Call us for more details.